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Our Environmental Policies

  • Environmental criteria is applied in the planning processes and in decision-making on issues that affect the environment.
  • Maintain conduct of permanent compliance with the legislation and Environmental regulations.
  • Commitment and continuous improvement of all our key processes and of support, mainly those that have an environmental effect.
  • Create prevention and control measures to minimize the consumption of resources of water,paper and energy and therefore reduce the environmental    impact.
  • Encourage energy efficiency and savings in our facilities.
  • Reduce waste generation and collaborate with recycling.
  • Involve all our employees in the achievement of environmental objectives through training and awareness programs.
  • Promote good environmental practices between our suppliers and customers.
  • Contribute through our activities to the improvement of environmental conditions and local community development.
  • Collaborate with public administrations and sector entities in the definition and implementation of the conditions of Sustainable Tourism development.

Corporate Responsibility:

  • Royalton Punta Cana complies with all labor and employment laws and actively supports the recruitment of local staff at all levels. The hotel has an Ethic Code for all personnel, as well as health and safety regulations for customers and employees.
  • Local business products are preferred at all levels of purchase.
  • Royalton Punta Cana provides a feedback mechanism for guests and internal clients and responds and acts in accordance with this to achieve continuous improvement.


  • The hotel management understands the impact of tourism on the local community and, therefore, prefers the purchase of local products whenever    possible.
  • Is our objective to identify, control and improve all aspects of environment sustainability on a permanent basis, to ensure fulfillment of all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • We wish to contribute to the preservation of Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Ecosystem with its value as Cultural Heritage of the Dominican Republic.
  • Royalton Punta Cana actively supports the local community through the sponsorship of Cultural events and social actions.