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Celebrating your love at Royalton Antigua will recreate what weddings can accomplish. Placed snug within Deep Bay, your wedding ceremony will be alongside crystal-clear waters and beneath the historic Fort Barrington. Celebrate your love in paradise where you’ll literally be able to draw the line in the sand with your relationship. Recite your vows amongst the whisper of the calm waves washing up onto the Antiguan shore during a wedding that will not only be the defining moment with your love, but a defining moment with your life.

Royalton Antigua

Indulge in a luxurious escape with exceptional service, stylish architecture and eclectic and delectable food. Sitting on a stunning private beach next to breathtaking clear waters, you can relax with the soft trade winds blowing in upscale ambiance under the watchful eye of historic Fort Barrington that overlooks the hotel and Deep Bay.

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